High protein recipes with Live Puri

Discover the tastiest protein-rich recipes with protein powder below. More than 200 unique, easy and healthy recipes!
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The tastiest protein-rich lunch recipes

High protein lunch recipes are sometimes easier to make than you think! Most high protein recipes from Live Puri can be made in advance or take very little kitchen time. And in addition, they always contain a good portion of protein so that you get through the day without feeling hungry and well fed. Ideal for those who want to eat less carbohydrates and for anyone who wants to enjoy the many benefits of a protein-rich diet.

Our favorite high protein lunch recipe

Those are protein rich protein sandwiches! You can make these protein sandwiches with only 6 ingredients and 1 sandwich contains no less than 14,6 grams of protein. That's a good healthy dose that you won't find in your supermarket sandwich.

High-protein lunch recipes help with weight loss and muscle building

Did you know that protein-rich foods help you lose weight? And it also helps you build and maintain your muscles? A double win based on years of scientific research. Our protein-rich lunch recipes are balanced so that you get all the nutrients that fit a healthy eating style. So you don't skip anything, but you ensure that the ratio between the macro nutrients is optimal. And that is the key to a healthy weight!

You will also find vegan protein-rich lunch recipes Live Puri

Plant-based lunch recipes should of course not be missed! How about this one vegan oven baked oats en vegan pinky protein shake? At plant based protein recipes you will of course also find bundled!

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