Natural protein powder unsweetened (250 grams)

GMO free
Gluten free
100% unsweetened
100% natural

Natural protein powder unsweetened (250 grams)


  • Delicious without additives because made from fresh milk (unique!)
  • Completely unsweetened, no (hidden) sugar, sweetener or other sweeteners
  • Perfect for shakes and baking
  • High protein content of 87% so you need less product
  • Long-term satiety due to the caseinate protein
  • Fast absorption due to the whey protein
  • Carbohydrate, lactose and low in fat
  • Scientifically proven for muscle recovery, maintenance and build-up
  • 5,50 grams of BCAAs* per 25 grams.
  • 10,98 gr EAAs** per 25 grams.

* BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids are the three essential amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine) that of all essential amino acids play the most important role in muscle protein synthesis and thus the building of muscle mass.

** EEAs or Essential Amino Acids are the 9 essential amino acids that your body does not produce itself. The 3 BCAAs are part of this.

Ingredients: natuurlijk milkprotein (caseinate and whey protein)

Nutritional valuesp 100grp portion (25gr)
Energy1646 kJ412 kJ
388 Kcal97 Kcal
Fats3,4 gr0,9 gr
of which saturated1,7 gr0,4 gr
Carbohydrates2,6 gr0,7 gr
of which sugars2,6 gr0,7 gr
Protein87,0 gr21,8 gr
Salt0,17 gr0,04 gr
Amino Acid Profileper 100 gramper 25 gram
Alanine3,80 0,95
Aspartic acid7,701,93
Glutamic acid18,004,50
Total BCAAs22,005,50
Total EAAs43,9010,98

In fact, the possibilities are endless! You can make a delicious shake like this: mix two level scoops (25 grams) with 250 ml ice-cold (skimmed) milk in a shaker. Shake well and you're done!

But from Live Puri unsweetened Natural protein powder you can also make delicious savory dishes. Like these low carb pizza crust. Or even throw a shovel through the mashed potatoes or soup! Or through your favorite dipping sauce like this one high protein pumpkin hummus!

GMO free
Gluten free
100% unsweetened
100% natural

The power of Live Puri protein powder is, among other things, the pure and the delicious taste. We make our protein powder from fresh milk and that's unique! But the taste is what we are most proud of. To prove how delicious it is, we even have Live Puri natural protein powder without any aroma and of course without sweeteners or (hidden) sugars. This is the only unflavored protein powder that is particularly tasty! Delicious as a shake but also perfect for enriching savory baked goods or smoothies. The variation possibilities are endless with this natural protein powder! Think of a delicious protein bread or vegetable smoothie or even a scoop of protein powder in the soup. Everything is possible!

With 87% protein content, less than 100 Kcal and 2,6 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams, you are guaranteed the highest quality. Described by our customers as 'nice and creamy' and 'wonderfully mild'. Once you try this protein powder, you are guaranteed to be a fan! The best protein powder if you are looking for a versatile powder: suitable for hot and cold applications, from pure protein shake to protein-rich hot dishes.

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