Live Puri wooden measuring spoon

Live Puri wooden measuring spoon


  • Nice durable scoop
  • Long handle for easy scooping to the bottom of the bag
  • Solid wood
  • Ideal for your favorite protein powder (or coffee beans)
  • Length: 17 cm
  • Content: 12,5 gram

With these beautiful wooden measuring scoops you can finally scoop your protein powder in style! With these beautiful solid wood shovels with beautiful engraving comes a durable Live Puri dream out!

In Live Puri protein powders you will not find a standard plastic measuring scoop. We do this not only because the scoops can damage the bag during transport, they also result in an enormous amount of unnecessary plastic. Not everyone needs a scoop all the time, especially if you regularly order several bags.

But now we have a sustainable wooden measuring scoop that fits perfectly with your tastiest protein powder. The stem is long enough to scoop out the bottom of the bag and one level scoop will give you 12,5 grams of protein powder. If you don't have your scoop handy, a full tablespoon is about the same amount. Let's go plastic free!


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