Whey protein

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Are you looking for whey protein?

Whey protein is, in addition to caseinate protein, the basis of many of the Live Puri protein powders. Our whey protein is made from fresh milk, unlike many other protein powder manufacturers. You can not only taste the delicious taste of milk, but you can also see it in the quality and preserved vitamins.

Facts about our whey protein

The most special thing about our whey protein is its delicious and mild taste. Our protein powder does not have any nasty aftertaste. Of course we like to say that ourselves, but in all sincere and genuine customer Google reviews, taste emerges as a strong point.

Live Puri whey protein is extremely low in carbohydrates and fat. Our protein powders based on whey protein are also very low in lactose because we make them from fresh milk and not from cheese whey or yogurt whey. In addition, they have an unprecedented high protein content: no less than 87% in our natural protein powder.

Unsweetened and delicious whey protein

Our unsweetened whey protein powders are a favorite with many because you can decide for yourself what you do with them. One wants to add a sweetener himself or consciously chooses to avoid any form of sweetness. The other even wants to be able to make savory dishes with it. That's all possible with it Live Puri protein powder! They are the most versatile all-rounders in your kitchen!

Is whey protein healthy?

The wildest stories are going around about whey protein. Live Puri only uses whey protein from fresh milk. It is naturally tasty and has no unpleasant aftertaste. As a result, nothing needs to be added and it is even completely natural delicious. And so healthy! Whey protein is healthy, but the many additives that manufacturers often add to mask the strange taste of the cheese whey make it less healthy.

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