Powerful, pure vegetable vitamins and minerals in a dark glass jar to best monitor the quality. Ideal for when you just need a little extra support. We only use easily absorbable ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. With us no empty claims or pills that give you instant energy, but the best health supporters.

At Live Puri you can go for Multivitamins (with 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C), vegetable Omega 3 fish oil, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin B12 (with folic acid) and Probiotics.

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Only a pure and pure range of vitamins (now even plant-based)!

Live Puri In addition to magnesium capsules, the range also includes vegetable Omega 3 capsules, multivitamins with 80mg of Vitamin C, your full daily dose in 1 capsule, vitamin D3, zinc, vitamin B12 and probiotics. Only capsules with high-quality ingredients that are guaranteed to be safe and of high quality. Moreover, you will not find any empty claims with us. No instant energy pills with us, but a solid range that has an effective and scientifically proven beneficial effect on your health. For when you can use an extra support in autumn and winter. Or if you want the very best for your body all year round. Did you know that one vitamin D3 deficiency in both summer and winter lurking?

And did you know that one Live Puri probiotics capsule provides no less than 2,5 billion good living bacteria and is a good source of calcium and phosphorus? Or that our Omega 3 capsules contribute to the proper functioning of your heart?

Looking for tips to buy magnesium tablets?

Then you've come to the right place! Magnesium is a mineral that we lack most in our western world vitamin D. But there is a lot of quality difference in magnesium tablets. For example, magnesium oxide is not even absorbed by your body and you can get abdominal cramps. Bee Live Puri you are assured of vitamins and minerals that are effective and are best absorbed by your body. Learn more about this mineral: Here you will find out everything about magnesium.

You can also buy vitamin D Live Puri

We have made our gel capsules even better. The dosage of 75 mcg (3000 IU) of vitamin D makes them unique and ideal. To optimally absorb them, they are in a gel capsule with olive oil. Vitamin D dissolves in fat and is therefore best taken together with fat. This is the most optimal dosage and composition of vitamin D capsules.


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