100% unsweetened protein powder

Aan Live Puri unsweetened protein powder no sugars or sweeteners have been added, only natural flavorings and we even have completely natural protein powder. Perfectly suited for those who do not like sweets or who want to dose their own sweetness with, for example, fruit. Live Puri unsweetened protein powders are available based on milk proteins and vegetable protein source.

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Benefits of unsweetened protein powder

While there are different flavors and types of protein powder on the market, our unsweetened protein powder is increasingly chosen by those who prefer natural and healthy food. We give you 3 important reasons why you should choose protein powder without sugar.

  • No added sugars or sweeteners

One of the main reasons for choosing unsweetened protein powder is to avoid added sugars. Many protein powders on the market contain sugar or sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame or saccharin to enhance the taste (or mask off taste). Unsweetened protein powder provides a pure source of protein without the unnecessary sugar content, putting you in control of the overall sugar intake in your diet.

  • Versatility and flexibility

Unsweetened protein powder is particularly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways high protein recipes and drinks. Because it has no sweet taste, it can easily be added to smoothies, sugar-free protein shakes, oatmeal, pancake batter and homemade energy bars without overpowering the taste. This makes it possible to increase your protein intake without compromising on the taste or texture of your favorite dishes. Plus, you can experiment with unsweetened protein powder and make your own natural sweeteners such as fresh fruit, honey or maple syrup, erythritol to adjust the taste to your liking.

  • Healthy and pure protein source

Unsweetened pure protein powder offers a pure and healthy source of protein without additives. Us Live Puri protein powder comes from high-quality protein sources (milk and peas), These protein sources contain essential amino acids that are necessary for muscle recovery, building and general health. By choosing unsweetened protein powder, you avoid unnecessary fillers, artificial colors and flavors that are sometimes added to other protein powders. This makes it a better choice for everyone and especially those who are sensitive to all kinds of artificial additives.

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