Natural sweetener

Looking for a tasty natural sweetener without an aftertaste? Here you can buy the tastiest natural sugar substitutes! Made on the basis of erythritol, which provides no calories and fits perfectly into a 'less sugar' diet. And what about the new syrup without sweetener? Perfect match with ours unsweetened protein powder!

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Natural sweetener without aftertaste? Say what?

Yes you can! We all know the somewhat bitter aftertaste of (cheap) stevia or other sweeteners… With our natural sweeteners based on erythritol you no longer have this disadvantage. Erythritol has no aftertaste and tastes almost the same as sugar. And has the same structure! Sounds good right? I would even say: sounds perfect!! In addition, more and more people are opting for natural sweeteners because they do not wish to consume any (or less) sugar or artificial sweeteners. Then Steviala's natural sweeteners are perfect!

The tastiest sugar-free syrup

In the protein-rich recipes of Live Puri we often used syrup or honey. Until we Steviala Holy Hon sugar free syrup discovered! What a relief. You get the same syrupy golden look on your pancake but without the sugars. It's even made without sugar or sweetener! Also nice in a cup of tea or in this tasty one apple pie chia pudding!

How can you replace sugar?

With the natural sweeteners from Steviala you can do this super easily. These sugar substitutes are there as white sugar variant (Ery Pure) and Brown sugar (Ery Bronze) and are 30% less sweet than regular sugar. They are suitable for baking up to 200 degrees and also dissolve easily in a shake or drink. You can actually replace all your sugar with these 2 natural sweeteners!

And now also the most delicious sugar-free chocolate drops!

This pure sugar free chocolate drops from Steviala are really super good. The high-quality natural ingredients provide a delicious mild dark chocolate taste. The melting chocolate is easy to melt in the microwave or au bain-marie in a pan and leaves a beautiful shiny layer on your desserts.

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