Meal substitutes

Live Puri meal replacements are your new breakfast or lunch alternative. They are full of fiber and protein and yet only have 128 calories! In short, the perfect meal replacement shake for a balance day!

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Are meal replacements healthy?

Meal replacements help you with a quick breakfast or lunch. However, not all meal replacements are an equally good choice for you. Live Puri meal replacements do not contain sugar, but do contain a large portion of high-quality, filling proteins, fibres, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This way you read a balance day without giving up hunger.

Many brands (secretly) put a lot of sugar in their meal replacement. So always look at the ingredients (the first ingredient is the most in it) to make sure you're getting the right nutrients.

Meal replacements as a shake

What makes our Live Puri meal replacement unique? The mild creamy taste and excellent solubility of our meal replacement make it delicious as a shake. No one likes a lumpy shake. But moreover, you are ultimately satisfied with our meal replacements. This is due to the high protein content (77%) of a protein that is digested very slowly by your body. As a result, you do not get hungry between 2 meals as you do with other products.

Meal shakes without sugar

And to top it off, our Live Puri meal replacement only 128 K calories per serving. It contains no refined or hidden sugars. If you want to lose weight, this is of course a very important criterion. On labels of many major brands of meal replacements you often see a high sugar content or all kinds of terms that hide sugar. Bee Live Puri you can see by the low carbohydrate content that there is no sugar in it.

An ice-cold shake is delicious but did you know that you are with Live Puri meal replacements can also cook great? You make it yourself tastiest homemade lunch bars of meal smoothie with red fruits. It is therefore also a perfect ingredient in the tasty healthy kitchen! Try it yourself now!

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