Collagen shots from Live Puri contain 10.000 mg patented premium collagen hydrolyzate type II, vitamin C and manganese. The most qualitative and complete formula for skin, hair and nails and bones, joints and ligaments. Taste them now in a handy monthly supply!

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Collagen shots from Live Puri

Patented collagen hydrolyzate, vitamin C and manganese with a hint of strawberry and citrus yuzu aroma is an all-in-1 formula developed for a radiant outside (skin, hair and nails) but also a strong inside (bones, cartilage and joints) .

Our shots are completely unsweetened. No sugars, no sweeteners or other hidden sweeteners. Only pure active ingredients in a handy bottle. 1 bottle per day is the full daily dose.

Choosing the best collagen

Choosing the best collagen is easier than you think with these tips:

  • Pay attention to the protein content and dosage: more than 10 grams per day is unnecessary. Less than 10 grams is too little to experience positive effects. A protein content of 60% is very low. Then there are many additives in it, or the collagen is not of such high quality. Bee Live Puri it is 97%.
  • If you prefer convenience, choose a ready-made collagen shot. If you go for pure, high-quality and tasty, choose the Live Puri collagen shot!

Why use collagen?

Collagen is the 'glue' in your body. Your body produces collagen itself, but as you get older, production decreases. And the influence of harmful substances (UV light, alcohol, sugars, etc.) starts to weigh… You can see it in your skin (wrinkles), hair (lifeless) and nails (thinner). But you also notice it in less strong bones, joints and ligaments. A supplement can help you. Knowing more? Read all about it here collagen.


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